Meditate with me in a cave in Rishikesh

Experience your spiritual connection in holy places around Rishikesh!

Rishikesh is one of the holy places in India, the river Ganga is a spiritual place to be. Around Rishikesh are some special caves, which you can visit. Caves, where holy people lived or have meditated. There special energy is still there. The cave itself is a keeper of divine energy.


Do you want to see and feel them?

I will take you to that holy places.


We can go on my bike, or your rent a bike or you rent a car.

Tours can be half day or full day. We will also visit special places on the river Ganga or amazing waterfalls.


Book now - I will take you to the caves of Rhishikesh

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Jhilmil cave is 32.5km away from Rishikesh. A cave where the great sage guru Gorakhnath accomplished 66000 mantras and also where Saptarshi (THE GREAT BEAR) did there penance.

Vashistha cave is 25km away from Rishikesh. Next to that cave there is anothere cave of Arundhati (wife of Vashistha) also known by Jesus cave. According to history Jesus Christ did his penance there.

Mauni baba cave is around 13km away from Rishikesh and known for very quiet and ist peacefull atmosphere. It is in the middle of the Raja ji national park.

Swami Ramtirtha cave is around 12 km away from Rishikesh. Swami Rama Tirth was a vedantin of the highest realization. Vedanta, according to him is no dogma or blind faith, but the reality of realities. It is the realization of our true self.


Book now - I will take you to the caves of Rhishikesh

+91 89 490 44 050