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Meditate with me – connect with you soul when you meditate in the caves around Rishikesh

Chakra Healing with Crystals – experience the healing world of crystals

Spirituality Talks – receive spiritual inspiration for your mind and soul


> Do you love to meditate?

> Is it easier and more fun for you to meditate together?

> Do you want to meditate in Rishikesh?

> Do you want to meditate in a holy cave?

> Do you want to meditate next to the river Ganga on the beach?

> I will show you the best places to meditate!

= Let’s meditate together!


We offer Chakra Healing with crystals based in Rishikesh (India) or online.


Connect your physical world with you spiritual/divine world!

Balance you body, spirit and mind with Chakra Healing.

Read more about chakra healing, crystal healing and book your session right away!


We are talking about spirituality!

Short and on the point!

Latest news about what is going on in that world.

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Spirituality Talks

My name is Ram Sharma. I live in Rishikesh, North India. Rishikesh is a spiritual center of the world. Originally I come from Jaipur, the center of silver Jewellery.

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