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I, Ram Sharma, offer online Chakra Healing with crystals.

Connect your physical world with you spiritual/divine world!

Balance you body, spirit and mind with Chakra Healing.

Read more about chakra healing, crystal healing and book your session right away!

Connect your physical world with your spiritual/divine world!

Do you want to feel healthier, happier and more vibrant?

Do you want to feel more balanced?

Do you need more energy?


 > Find balance in your body and mind!

> Chakra healing can help you with that!


You are more then a body, you are also a mind and a soul. Energy flows between these three aspects of you.

To be truly healthy, you need an optimal balanced energy flow. Remove blockages where it can’t flow. Increase energy where is too little.


Crystals can adjust the energy flow to help to optimize your well-being. Healing stones can be helpful allies in our quest for calm.

Crystals are believed to hold vibrational energy and believed to transmit this energy to you and balance your emotional, physical and spiritual energies.

Chakras are the doorways to the healing energies of crystals. You will learn how crystals can relieve stress and bring you back to a place of stability and happiness.


You will experience a guided crystal chakra healing and we will explain you how to use crystals in daily life to increase your happiness and wellbeing!


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How does a chakra healing session with crystals work?

  • welcome
  • cleansing of your aura (protective shield)
  • analysis of your chakras (where are blockages)
  • activation and balance of your chakras
  • energetic healing work with crystals
  • exchange about the experience
  • transfer into your daily life

Feedback from my clients

I felt a shift in my body. After the session something has changed. A huge weight dropped and I am very happy about it! Thank you Ram! Mike B.

I loved the experience of chakra healing with Ram. I felt sooo relaxed and could let go all of my fears – thank you Ram. I will never forget that! Marie S.

Crystals changed my life, now I work daily with them, Ram helped me to open up for that energy, thank you sooo much! Blessings, Anna K.

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My name is Ram Sharma. I live currently in Austria, Europe. Originally I come from Jaipur, the center of silver jewellery. In my live I have lived in many places in India – north til south. There are really special places in India.

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